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Microtherapy, an evolution from mesotherapy, is a recent technique for subministration of drugs via superficial intraderma injection and it is an additional technique to intra-muscular, intra-venereal, and subcutaneous injections.

While mesotherapy uses needles (4 mm long) to injects drugs to the deep derma layer, Microtherapy uses the S.I.T., a single use device with the shape of a reversed cone that has in its centre a special ultra fine needle 32 G x 2 mm (0.26 x 2 mm) by wich drugs are injected in the superficial layer of derma (papillar layer, immediately under the corneous skin layer).

The superficial microtherapy technique, performed with S.I.T., allows to obtain from injected drugs its maximum effectiveness and avoids side effects and risk factor typical of the classic mesotherapy such as:

  1. Breaking of small veins with consequent haematoma;
  2. Breaking of small arteries through which the drug is absorbed too quickly with decrease of its effectiveness;
  3. Damage of deep derma with undesired scars;
  4. Painful injections due to tears of superficial nerves.

Microtherapy is meant to be a new mesotherapic treatment method, free from risk and undesirable side outcomes, useful in the cellulite treatment and in all medical practices associated to mesotherapy.

  1. MESO-RELLE. S.I.T. Micro-Needle 32Gx2.5mm

    MESO-RELLE. S.I.T. Micro-Needle 32Gx2.5mm

    Meso-Relle® S.I.T. (Skin injection Therapy) Disposable device for maximum safe and effective mesotherapy. Avoid all side effects and risk factors.

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